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The Wedding of River Song


How can it be so epic, so romantic, so sad, so funny all in just 45 minutes. 

Moffat.  You magnificant bastard.  I will adore you to the end of Time.

What I loved...

*  The all of time togetherness - Charles Dickens, pterodactyls, car balloons, Buckingham Senate.

*  The Doctor finding the Dalek, ripping off it's eyestalk and then slamming it onto a bar.  I think having a stetson has gone to his head. LOL.

*  Chess to the death.  Shades of Blakes 7 there, much like the Klute in Gambit.

*  Dorium in the Cave of Skulls and his wi-fi connection.  "You could have told me all this last time we met." "It was a busy day and I got beheaded."

*  "Hell in high heels".

*  The Brig.  I cried.  The poor Doctor's face. 

*  "River Song came twice." *snerk* 

*  River killing the Doctor and then CHEATING.  :D  Amazing, wonderful River.  And the Doctor's face!!  LOL.

*  "Time can be rewritten." "Don't you dare."  Just like in Forest of the Dead.  I know I'll cry when I watch that again. 

*  The Doctor trying to set up Rory & Amy.   "Mr Hottiness" & "Texting and scones"  Oh Doctor!  LOL


*  Amy Pond and machine gun.  & when Amy kills Kavorian.   Much grim satisfaction from me.

*  "So you and me, we should get a drink some time." "Okay." "And married." "Fine."

*  Then the Wedding.
From this...

to this...

It was all Absolutely Perfect.  I can see I'm going to be watching that scene again and again.

*  The scene between Amy & River in the garden.  Perfection AGAIN. "Of course I'm sure, I'm his wife." "Yes, and I'm his... mother-in-law."   Wonderful, Pond family!!

*  I never would have guessed it was the tesselecta in a million years.

And as for this!!!  Be still my beating heart!!!

 *  And the question.  Doctor Who?  Of course it was.

I admit I am confused :D I am sure you loved this epi but what actually happened? Lol.
LOL! I'm not quite sure how to answer this. River was supposed to kill the Doctor but to stop herself from doing so, she stopped time completely. Reality was disintigrating with all times happening together. So the Doctor and River got married and then in order to put time right, she killed him. I'm not telling you how he escapes, just in case you decide to watch it. I never guessed it at all.
Hehe, I think I am going to watch just in case :D I wanna know now. So the wedding happened! Cool. Really some shows are still amazing...
Well...... it could be debated that they aren't married in this time stream. HOWEVER, part of the ceremony is that the Doctor tells River his name, and as he didn't tell her this time but she actually knows what it is, he must tell her some other time. It's complicated!! And she says she's his wife and he has some definite hints about how they spend their nights togther... so..... ;)

Anyway, if you want to see, I'd start with 4.8 Silence in the Library and 4.9 Forest of the Dead and then go straight to 5.1 and watch from there. You can easily catch up. :P

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Ha ha, Amy and Rory's dialogue through this was excellent. There were a lot of great throw-away lines, too. I loved Karen's expression on the MIL line!

Anyway, while we were watching this, I thought to myself, I'm betting Blen loved this. I'm so glad I was right! :D
I did indeed!! I was didn't know whether to hug my cushion or twirl around the living room in glee!