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A Poem

For abracah 

John could not believe he was so out of luck
In a storm with Rodney he was unfortunately stuck
Rodney was complaining about his guts
As he had decided to eat more than 20 donuts
He had followed those up with a dozen jam tarts
As a result of which he had developed bad farts
John dreaded to think how the night would be spent
Sharing with Rodney a tiny pup tent
As they coughed and they choked in air that was stinking
John wondered "Why did you bring him?"
"Oh what were you thinking?"
Well he is very digg-able!! He sets himself up for it. Even Shep and Ronon and Teyla harassed him. Why shouldn't we?
I saw a little list of elements that the Shep Whumpers had to include in a fic - an injured colleague, a small animal, donuts, a storm and the final line "What were you thinking". How could I resist?! LOL

BTW I don't know if you realise that Abracah is actually Pocus from GW.
Really? I had no idea! Lol

You still cannot get to gw? This week is my challenge, so maybe you want to enter - angsty R/J art for shippy challenge and something from older show for art challenge (some show that ended at least few years ago - I have JAG and Moonlighting)
No not really. Sometimes it only takes a minute or two for a page to load but other times it's ten minutes or more. it's incredibly frustrating. Particularly as the Mods don't seem to give a toss about it. I was desperate to get on the Doctor Who pages this weekend to talk about the mid season finale but in the end I just gave up. Would you mind telling everyone when you are next there?

Hmmm. Interesting challenge! Particularly for the art challenge. (Blakes 7 springs to mind immediately) I've been REALLY lacking in inspiration for anything Ronon/Jenn related lately. I can't seems to raise any enthusiasm. Probably because I'm obsessed with Eleven/River at the moment. if I make anything I'll send it to your e-mail address.
I was sure you will like it :) I wanted to do JAG sig for a while, this is a good excuse. I know what you mean with no inspiration. I am writing, but I cannot do almost any artwork. I won last challenge (do not get it, there were much better entries this time) but I will probably do nothing for my own. But I love angst! I wouldn't be able to follow House if I didn't :D
I've had my fill of angst for the time being. Mitchell on Being Human was the last straw! That's why I love Eleven & River so much. We first met River three years ago and she died. But because of time travel and timey wimeyness she moves through time backwards, so every time we see her, she is younger. And we know that she and the Doctor love each other. Perfect! It can't be messed up!
It sounds weird :p But yeah, there is not a lot that can go wrong, they can always come back in time once again, right? That is great about sci-fi. Soemthing I didn't get with House. At least Bones is still ok and Castle is promising, I saw no more eps, just the 1st season, but it was cool so far :)